We do require electronic ear protection for all live-fire sessions, but we know that not everybody has shelled out $50 or more to acquire this technology.  Nor does everybody even know what "active ear pro" means.  If this is you, never fear: we've got you covered with our low-cost rental option for your Ministry of Defense range activities!


Electronic ear protection incorporates a microphone that allows you to hear range commands and conversation on the firing line while still blocking out the harmful noise of gun reports.   It makes for a far safer, more social, and more pleasant day on the range!


We have selected Walker's Razor Slim ear muffs for our rental fleet, and then upgraded them with gel inserts.  Gel conforms to contours (like the arms of your shooting glasses) for a more comfortable fit and better soundproofing.


Headsets are sanitized between users for your protection.

Electronic Ear Muff: 1-Day Rental