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Our Training Philosophy

Ministry of Defense believes that everyone who intends to possess or use a firearm needs to participate in regular training and frequent practice.  Our goal, then, is to make that training as accessible, enjoyable, trustworthy, and constructive as possible for you.

We have been there, staring down life and its many, often-overwhelming complexities: work, money, the kids' piano lessons, that funny sound the car makes when you turn the key, the dog's itchy ears...there are about a million reasons not to train, right?

That's why we are so proud of you and excited for the change this training is going to make in your life, your confidence, and your attitude.

After all, if you can cut through the excuses and seek us out, the least we can do is provide excellent training.  For us, it begins with respect for your time, goals, and inquisitiveness and ends when we deliver training that is friendly, methodical, thorough, and reliable.  And that is exactly what we do.  Along the way, we'll have some fun, share some laughs, and maybe even happen into a little bit of bonding—which is very easy to do with firearms folks.


By the end of your training session, we hope you'll think of both your firearm and your instructor as familiar old friends that you can count on.


...your documents laid on the table with care, Bryan knows that the students so soon will be there!

Who knew law could be so much fun?!

Our attorney, Mr. Edward Dindinger, will help you understand Idaho law as it pertains to firearms. To learn more about Edward's legal practice, please enlarge the photo and click the link to his firm's website.

Home Sweet Home

Learn in the comfort and convenience of our Meridian classroom.

Humble Advice

In our classroom, you will find wisdom, knowledge, and an appropriate blend of answers and thought-provoking questions.

Preparation Is Everything

Hanging targets for the new generation of America's 2nd Amendment practitioners.

...and we've even got a lead on the kitchen sink!

Sample range setup for MoD.Handgun.1, designed to maximize your comfort so you can focus on training.

Training Done Right

Our philosophy in action: teach you everything you need to know about handling your firearm beforehand so that when it's time to shoot, the only new element is the "bang!"

Pavlov Was Right!

Student shooting steel in MoD.Handgun.1.

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