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In-Home instruction on the basics of your rifle



  • If you own a rifle and don't know the answer to any of the following questions, then MoD.Rifle.Housecall is for you—preferably right away, for safety's sake!

    • How does this rifle work?

    • How can I store this rifle safely?

    • How do I choose the correct ammunition for this rifle?

    • Is this rifle suitable for home defense, hunting, etc.?

    • Is this rifle loaded?

  • Many Americans acquire guns by way of gift or inheritance.  Some recipients are familiar with guns and gun safety, but some are not.  If you are unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with a gun in your home, Ministry of Defense is ready to help you!

  • In 45 minutes, we will...(some may not apply, based on case specifics)

    • Immediately make sure your firearm is unloaded and safe for handling

    • Establish a proper "dry practice" environment so we can learn safely

    • Introduce you to the rules of firearms safety

    • Help you with loading/unloading, operations, aiming, and maintenance of your rifle

    • Familiarize you with selecting ammunition that is suitable for your rifle

    • Discuss safe, affordable storage—ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN!

    • Answer any other questions you may have

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TRAINING IS "DRY PRACTICE," MEANING THAT THE RIFLE WILL NOT BE FIRED!  But we can study it, handle it, and learn a great deal about it in the comfort of your home so that if and when you do travel or train with it, you will be familiar, competent, and safe.

  • This training session also makes a great accompaniment if you plan to give a firearm!  Buy a gift card for this service HERE.


  • The rifle you would like to learn about.


  • Content and topics covered may vary on a case-by-case basis.

  • Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to appointment may be charged full price.

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