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For Women-Warriors...or just gun-curious women



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  • This is for women.



  • We will start in the classroom and then move to the seasonally-appropriate range for live-fire exercises.



(This section lists only course-specific gear.  See our FAQs for other required and recommended items.)

  • Your handgun—either a revolver or modern semi-automatic, in good working order

  • Please make sure your firearm is unloaded, and bring it to class in a case or "gun rug"—NOT in your bare hands!

  • At least one magazine for your semi-automatic handgun.  Revolver users may bring a speed-loader if they wish.

  • At least 100 rounds of factory new ammunition​.  FOR SAFETY REASONS, WE DO NOT PERMIT USE OF RE-LOADED OR HAND-LOADED AMMUNITION.

  • Approximately $10-20 for range fees, payable directly to the range, when applicable.

  • Seasonally, when we conduct range activities indoors, you will need at least three dummy rounds (aka, "snap caps") for your firearm's chambering.  DUMMY ROUNDS MUST BE READILY DISTINGUISHABLE FROM LIVE AMMUNITION.



  • Idaho residents: our instructor credentials are sufficient state-wide, but the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License is administered at the county level.  If you train with Ministry of Defense and reside in a county other than Ada or Canyon, let us know; we will make sure our credentials are on file in your county when you arrive with your application.

  • Non-residents of Idaho: you are eligible to train and apply for an Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License if you have a current concealed weapons permit from the same state that issued your current driver's license.  For example, if you have a current Oregon drivers license and a current Oregon concealed weapons permit, Idaho will issue your IECWL on completion of your training and application.  Be aware that you will need to appear in-person at an Idaho county office on at least two separate instances—once to submit your application and fingerprints, and once to pick up your IECWL.

  • Please note that Ministry of Defense does not issue concealed weapons licenses; we provide training, and documentation stating that you have completed the training.  You will then present the documentation, along with your application and any required fees, to the appropriate office (usually the sheriff department) in your home county.

  • Ministry of Defense makes no guarantee with respect to when or whether any student will be issued an IECWL.  We do not offer refund or any other remedy whatsoever in the event that you decline to submit your application, or in the event that your application is denied.  The student is responsible for any and all fees that their county may require as part of the application process.

  • CWL application forms will be provided by Ministry of Defense.  There are questions on the application, and the answers you provide will affect your eligibility.  See the application HERE.

  • For medical reasons, we regrettably decline to invite or allow pregnant women to participate in our live-fire activities.  If you are pregnant and wish to take this class, please do!  But kindly allow us to find a time outside of your pregnancy to help you complete the live-fire requirements at no additional charge.

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