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Intro to Tactical Shooting and Advanced Gun Handling


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On track to Premiere Fall 2022!
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  • MoD.Handgun.2; or equivalent Private Training:Handgun and instructor permission; or instructor permission


  • MoD.Handgun.2 prepared you to work safely and efficiently from the holster.  MoD.Handgun.3 will focus on improving your tactical awareness, decision-making, and shooting.

  • Topics and skills:

    • Emergency Reload

    • Designated Head Shot

    • Failure to Stop

    • Target Transitions

    • Multiple Opponents

    • Blind Gun Handling


  • George W. Nourse Public Shooting Range, south of Nampa

WHAT TO BRING: (This section lists only course-specific gear.  See our FAQs for other required and recommended items.)

  • Your handgun.  We recommend a modern semi-automatic.  The gun must be in good working order.  Revolvers are welcome but our training is mainly geared toward semi-autos.

    • Please make sure your firearm is unloaded, and bring it to the range in a case or "gun rug"—NOT in your bare hands!
  • At least two magazines for your semi-automatic handgun.  Revolver users may bring speed loaders.

  • A gun belt

  • An outside-the-waistband ("OWB") holster meeting all of the following criteria:

    • Manufactured specifically to fit your make and model firearm

    • May be made of kydex, leather, or polymer

    • Must rigidly hold its shape so as to stay open for one-handed re-holstering

    • Must cover the entire trigger guard

    • Must not have any mechanical retention device.  We do not allow Blackhawk Serpa holsters!

  • A "bullets-forward" belt-borne single magazine pouch (a double may be advantageous)

  • At least 300 rounds of factory new ammunition​.  FOR SAFETY REASONS, WE DO NOT PERMIT USE OF RE-LOADED OR HAND-LOADED AMMUNITION.


  • Range fees, when applicable, are to be paid by the student directly to the range staff.

  • For medical reasons, we regrettably decline to invite or allow pregnant women to participate in our live-fire training.

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