...And Then There's The Holster

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Coming Spring 2023



  • MoD.Handgun.1; or equivalent Private Training:Handgun and instructor permission; or instructor permission


  • In MoD.Handgun.1, you considered whether to own a gun, carry concealed, use a firearm for self-defense, etc.; MoD.Handgun.2 will show you how.  This is a hands-on range-based practicum that will rapidly move your skills from basic familiarity to confident proficiency.  All shooting fundamentals and common manipulations are incorporated into the lessons, and all activities are performed from the holster.  After this training, you will never again feel or behave like a novice when you pick up a handgun!

  • Fully range-based—no classroom portion

  • Topics and skills:

    • Applying the Four Fundamental Rules of Gun Safety

    • Loading/Unloading with Condition Checks

    • Draw from holster; Safely re-Holster

    • Advanced Grip and trigger control

    • Defensive shooting techniques

    • Scan and Assess

    • Controlled Pair


  • George W. Nourse Public Shooting Range, south of Nampa

WHAT TO BRING: (This section lists only course-specific gear.  See our FAQs for other required and recommended items.)

  • Your handgun.  We recommend a modern semi-automatic.  The gun must be in good working order.  Revolvers are welcome but our training is mainly geared toward semi-autos.

    • Please make sure your firearm is unloaded, and bring it to the range in a case or "gun rug"—NOT in your bare hands!
  • At least two magazines for your semi-automatic handgun.  Revolver users may bring speed loaders.

  • A gun belt

  • An outside-the-waistband ("OWB") holster meeting all of the following criteria:

    • Manufactured specifically to fit your make and model firearm

    • May be made of kydex, leather, or polymer

    • Must rigidly hold its shape so as to stay open for one-handed re-holstering

    • Must cover the entire trigger guard

    • Must not have any mechanical retention device.  We do not allow Blackhawk Serpa holsters!

  • A "bullets-forward" belt-borne single magazine pouch (a double may be advantageous)

  • At least 200 rounds of factory new ammunition​.  FOR SAFETY REASONS, WE DO NOT PERMIT USE OF RE-LOADED OR HAND-LOADED AMMUNITION.


  • Range fees, when applicable, are to be paid by the student directly to the range staff.

  • For medical reasons, we regrettably decline to invite or allow pregnant women to participate in our live-fire training.