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  • Because owning a firearm isn't enough.

  • Because REAL training can give you the edge you need when confronted by violent criminals.

  • Because you know better than to leave your security up to chance and improvisation.

  • Because training bolsters your legal defense, should you need to protect yourself or a loved one.

  • Because our staff prove that firearms instructors can be both professional and personable.

  • Because our methods elevate your comfort, confidence, proficiency, and safety.

  • Because humility and patience are better teaching tools than ego and flashy credentials.

  • Because the best instruction is responsive to the student's needs.

  • Because trouble doesn't wait for you to be ready.

  • Because the Second Amendment needs practitioners and advocates today.

  • Because your intuition has brought you this far, and is telling you to avoid delay.

  • Because firearms training is FUN!

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